Lemon Splash Go-Jamz Kidz: Kids Fleece Jumpsuit
Non-Footed Children Jumpsuit
Lemon Splash Go-Jamz Kidz: Kids Fleece Jumpsuit

Lemon Splash Go-Jamz Kidz: Non-Footed Fleece Jumpsuit

  • available in a variety of sizes for the whole family
  • fleece, no back flap, open feet
  • best zips on the market by YKK
  • can be worn inside and outside, for play and sleep
  • unisex design
  • machine washable and durable
  • manufactured with love and attention to detail in Europe


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Two bright colours in one onesie create a splashy rebellious contrast! A perfect onesie for smart active rule breakers! Bright yellow and blueberry purple for an exciting adventurous mood! Think: treasure hunting and adventures!




110-116 (5-6 years), 116-122 (6-7 years), 122-128 (7-8 years), 128-134 (8-9 years), 134-140 (9-10 years), 140-146 (10-11 years)

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