Cotton Candy Go-Jamz Kidz: Kids Fleece Jumpsuit
Non-Footed Children Jumpsuit
Cotton Candy Go-Jamz Kidz: Kids Fleece Jumpsuit

Cotton Candy Go-Jamz Kidz: Non-Footed Fleece Jumpsuit

  • available in a variety of sizes for the whole family
  • fleece, no back flap, open feet
  • best zips on the market by YKK
  • can be worn inside and outside, for play and sleep
  • unisex design
  • machine washable and durable
  • manufactured with love and attention to detail in Europe


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This onesies jumpsuit is so delicious, make sure your kids don’t try to bite a piece off! With the bright combination of purple and pink, it reminds all things sweet like cotton candy, lollipops and bubble gum! Your kid will enjoy the sweet and fun times in our Cotton Candy onesie! Good for lounging, play time or to run outside with friends.

A jumpsuit for true Princesses and Unicorn fans!





110-116 (5-6 years), 116-122 (6-7 years), 122-128 (7-8 years), 128-134 (8-9 years), 134-140 (9-10 years), 140-146 (10-11 years)

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