Christmas Kajamaz: Footed Pajamas For Adults
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Christmas Kajamaz: Footed Pajamas For Adults

Christmas Kajamaz: Adult Footed Onesie

  • available in a variety of sizes for both kids and adults
  • made from luxurious soft and warm fleece
  • discrete adjustable back flap (exclusive design)
  • Nordic style print in snow white, blue and silver
  • best zips on the market by YKK
  • special fitted foot design for extra comfort
  • machine washable and durable
  • manufactured with love and attention to detail in Europe


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Do you get Popsicle toes? Does your partner zap you with those frozen tootsies that seem like tiny heat-seeking-missiles, constantly hunting for warmth? These Ultra-Warm Kajamaz are made from high quality polyester fleece which has the feel of a natural fiber, extremely soft and luxurious to the touch. The print brings to mind a delightful Christmas motif, complete with reindeer and snowflakes. It’s just like a Christmas Fairytale! If you are looking for the warmest coziest pajamas available, we encourage you to try our new fleece Christmas Kajamaz. You will feel as though you are wearing an electric blanket, with no batteries required.


XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

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