Christmas Dream Kajamaz: Footed Pajamas For Adults
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Christmas Dream Kajamaz: Footed Pajamas For Adults

Christmas Dream Kajamaz: Adult Footed Onesie

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  • available in a variety of sizes for both kids and adults
  • made from luxurious soft warm fleece
  • discrete adjustable back flap (exclusive design)
  • Nordic style print by Kajamaz
  • best zips on the market by YKK
  • special fitted foot design for extra comfort
  • machine washable and durable
  • manufactured with love and attention to detail in Europe


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Christmas Dream adult onesies are made from luxurious soft fluffy fleece, that feels silky against skin. This fabric and print are exclusive to Kajamaz, and were specially designed for us in Scandinavian style. Featuring reindeer, snowflakes, stars and hearts motifs, Christmas Dream onesie evokes Lapland’s winter scenery and Christmas time. The colour combination of grey, silver, white and glorious red gives this footed onesie a warm festive feel. Exactly what one needs on cold winter evenings!

Christmas Dream adult footed pyjamas are designed to keep you warm and cosy. They feature enclosed feet with double layered fabric on the sole, a hood, various pockets including a special sleeve pocket for your smart phone for extra convenience.

The adjustable back flap facilitates bathroom needs without requiring wearers to clamber out of the cosy and warm fleece onesie.
Christmas Dream Kajamaz adult onesies aren’t simply for sleeping in. You will want to wear them around the house as lounge-wear and enjoy their warmth, softness and comfort.

Christmas Dream footed pyjamas for adults are unisex. They are available in a variety of sizes including kids sizes, so you can buy a matching set for the entire family. They are ideal Christmas presents – engineered with love by Santa’s little helpers for your nearest and dearest!



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