Love Kajamaz: Footed Pajamas For Adults
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Love Kajamaz: Footed Pajamas For Adults

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Love is in the air – everywhere you look around! Feel enveloped by love in this cozy warm flannel Kajamaz. And don’t forget to share your love and get matching Kajamaz for your friends and family. Love Kajamaz are made of 100% natural cotton flannel. Combined with feet and hood Love Kajamaz are extremely warm and cozy. (However, if you are looking for our warmest Kajamaz, consider our Kajamaz made of Fleece).

What is unique about Kajamaz?

FUN!! It’s one piece with lovely fun print, hood, feet, and a drop seat – just ENJOY!!!!

Quality manufacturing: Manufactured in Europe, Kajamaz were made with love and an eye on details.

Quality YKK Zippers: YKK zippers are known for their quality. The best brands are usually made with YKK zips. And so are Kajamaz. Note the YKK logo on the zip pull.

Fabric: 100% natural cotton flannel.

Warmth: No more cold feet with this warm footed Kajamaz. Cold hands? Put them in the pockets on the front of your Kajamaz. Pull up your hood and you don’t have to worry about being cold ever again!

Comfort: Kajamaz features a specially designed discreet drop seat with adjustable waist. You don’t have to climb out of your Kajamaz to use toilet. And no one but you will know it is there.

Gadget friendly: Don’t part with your iPhone – just put it into a special pocket on Kajamaz sleeve.

Unisex: Design and the beautiful colourful print can be enjoyed by both men and women.

Coming Soon! NEW: Matching Accessories: Have more fun and get a matching scarf for your beloved pet and a matching Mug Jamz mug warmer to keep your cuppa java warmer a bit longer.

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