Go-Jamz Mini "Retro" Vintage Playsuit Pajamas
Go-Jamz Mini "Retro" Vintage Playsuit Pajamas

Go-Jamz Mini “Retro” Vintage Playsuit Pajamas



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Go-Jamz Mini “Retro” is a light cotton onesie which doubles as a vintage playsuit and retro style pajamas.

You can wear “Go-Jamz Minis” to bed as pyjamas or around the house as loungewear. Wear it to the beach with your flip flops, or with heels for a casual chic vintage look. Never be caught wearing your pyjamas again. If the doorbell unexpectedly rings, simply slip on your heels and look fantastic!

Our summer romper was designed in retro, vintage style. We used blue and red striped fabric to create a fun, playful and bright mood. The fabric is 97% cotton with 3% spandex . Due to the fabric and a special design, the romper is shape-fitting and at the same time comfortable. Go-Jamz Mini “Retro” can be worn with straps or simply tuck them in for a cute, strapless look. No bulky zips or buttons are used for a sleek and stylish design.

Quality is the key, that’s why Go-Jamz are NOT mass produced in China. Like all Kajamaz brand products, Go-Jamz Mini “Retro” are hand-made in Europe.

* New! Go-Jamz Mini “Retro”

* Cute light cotton onesie by Kajamaz

* Combines comfort with style

* Unique concept! Romper which doubles as pyjamas and outerwear!

* Wear it to bed, as loungewear or on holiday to the beach

* Design inspired by retro, vintage style

* One-piece for sleek style, no bulky zips or buttons.

* Wear it with straps or no straps for an elegant bare shoulder look

* Go-Jamz are NOT mass produced in China. They are hand-made in Europe

* Made of 97% cotton and a touch of spandex for perfect fit

* Machine Washable


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