Owl Kajamaz: Matching Flannel Dog Scarfz

Owl Kajamaz: Matching Flannel Dog Scarfz

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This Dog Scarf mathes Owl Kajamaz! Why should people have all the fun? Why not share it with your little furry friend? Choose a print to match your Kajamaz and cuddle up with your mutt on a cold evening both feeling warm and cozy. Your pup can also wear their Kajamaz Dog Scarfz outside on a cold day matching with you in your Go Jamz.

Dog Scarfz come in three sizes S, M, L.

S (20-30 cm neck size) –  toy breeds: Chihuahua,Yorkie, etc
M (30-45 cm  neck size) – medium size breeds such as Miniature poodle, Fox terrier, Jack Russel, Westie, etc
L (45 -65 cm  neck size) – larger breeds such as Cocker spaniel, Bull Dog, Collie, German Shepard, etc

From each sale we donate to Tautmiles Globa animal shelter.


S, M, L